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To find workers that you need We started working with ukrainian people about 10 years ago and now we have a big base of villages and families willing to work.

Now, due to Coronavirus carantine a lot of families lost their income and they are waiting for any opportunity to work. If you are looking for workers in any type of working sphere (farms, factories, green houses, building etc ) please fill in the form and we will contact you to discuss details of work

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We have employment companies in Ukraine and Poland, we can easily find needable workers for you

What is the price for our service? It depends on different factors , but usually it's not more than 20%, from the salary of each worker once.

  • Every time it is very difficult to arrange people to come from other countries. Thank you for doing it for us
  • It is really difficult to find good staff willing to work. A lot of applies, a lot of letters about nothing. This company makes everything itself. I just fell in the form and met workers. Thanks
    Anna Maria
  • Thank you for quick respond. Workers are already working on our farm and picking up harvest
    Tom Johnson

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